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Our Mission

Specializing in Crane and Lifting Device Inspection

A.S.K. Inspection’s objective is to provide the highest-quality inspection service to our clients. With qualified inspectors, support staff and our commitment to optimum service, we are able to meet the required specifications. To ensure our expertise within the industry, we strive in learning the newest innovations which support our dedication to meeting the client’s expectation.

We provide a full service of visual and magnetic particle inspection on a wide variety of equipment and engineering equipment including:

  • Tower Cranes

  • Overhead Cranes

  • Mobile Cranes

  • Manlifts

  • Forklifts

  • Pipelayers

  • Loaders

  • Skid Steers

  • Jack Stands

  • Construction Equipment

We value our customers’ time by minimizing field interruption with a re-inspection tracking history. Our staff at A.S.K. Inspection Ltd. is organized and reliable for on-time services with flexible hours to exceed our costumer’s needs.

Service Areas

Certified in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario

Our Services

What We Offer

  • Technician hourly rate for cleaning, standby and OH&S Standard Repairs
  • Technician overtime per hour
  • Engineering per hour
  • Drafting per hour
  • Mileage per km outside of city perimeter
  • Living out allowance per man/day (hotel/meals)

Minimum 2 hour charge per man over 100 kms from base if unable to perform required tasks due to unforeseeable circumstances
Environmental/Fuel surcharge will be added to each invoice submitted to cover environmental compliances (Review Standard Terms for further detail).

  • Brakleen per can
  • Black and White contrast paint per can
  • Dry Particles/5lbs
  • Engineering Certification Fee


Up to 5 Tons
5 to 20 Tons
20 to 35 Tons
40 to 50 Tons
Over 50 Tons
Mechanics Cranes
Spider Cranes

RT/AT Cranes and Truck Cranes:

Carry Decks
Up to 40 Tons
Over 40 Tons
Over 100 Tons
Over 200 Tons

Boom Sections Only:

Up to 50 ft.
Per 10 ft. section thereafter (extra fee)
Spreader Bar Crane
Crane Forks









Pipe Cradles:

10” – 20”
21” – 30”
31” – 48”

Vertical Forklift up to 6000 Lbs
Vertical Forklift over 6000 Lbs
Vertical Forklift over 10,000 Lbs
Telescopic Forklift
Forks Only (1 set)
Forks and Carriage
Forklift Truss Boom/Jib
Forklift Lifting Hook
Forklift Barrier Lifter
Forklift Pallet Jacks

Skid Steer (includes bucket and forks)
Buckets (separate)
Set of forks (separate)
Small Loaders
Large Loaders
Pipe Fork (Loader Forks)
Loader Attachments (Jibs)

Overhead Cranes: (up to 100 ft. of runway)

Single Girder up to 10 Tons
Single Girder 11 – 25 Tons
Single Girder 26 – 50 Tons
Double Girder up to 10 Tons
Double Girder 11 – 25 Tons
Double Girder 26 – 50 Tons
Extra runway per 25 ft. sections


Up to 100 ft.
Per 25 ft. sections thereafter (extra fee)

Jib Cranes:

Up to 10 Tons
Over 11 Tons
Roofers Jib Hoist

Gantry Cranes:

Up to 4 Tons
Over 5 Tons

Scissor Lift
Vertical Lift
Rough Terrain Lift
Basket Only (Man Basket)
Bridge Snooper
Material Lift
Material Basket
Van Mount
Truck Mounted (Bucket Truck)

Jack Stands (over 20 pieces) (extra fee)
Jack Stands (up to 20 pieces)

Backhoe Bucket Hook
H-Link Hook
Quick Coupler Boom Attachment
Knuckle or Tel. Picker

Pipeline Pull Heads:

12” – 20”
24” – Up
Enclosed Shack (Lifting Lug)
Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS)

Through A.S.K. Inspection with our engineer Mike Christie we also offer the following: Mike is a CWB certified welding engineer that can provide the following: Drafting and repair procedures, Equipment modifications or design/redesign as well as 3D Modelling and prototype development.

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Specializing in Crane and Lifting Device Inspection

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Tracy Thompson

1 (780) 974-2112

Owner // Office Manager

Helena Krieger

A.S.K. Inspection Ltd.
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